Web Development, Experiments, Labs, and Prototypes

Welcome! I haven't done much with with site in the last year, but that is definitely about to change.

I had decided to learn Vue/Nuxt, but then I went to VueConf in New Orleans (the very first VueConf) and found that no one could tell me why they used Vue, what it was really for, and there was even a talk on using vanilla CSS that seemed to blow the minds of everyone in attendance. So, I largely went back to standard vanilla web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - with/without jQuery).

Another issue I had with switching over at the time was that I still needed to support IE10/11 and Edge. However now that the "new" Edge has finally been released as stable running on Chromium, I am now free to experiment with new development strategies.

So what have I decided to use? Well it shouldn't be too much of a shock that I wanted a framework that can leverage Server-Side Rendering (SSR), perform some tree shaking, and of course allow me the use of native CSS and JS (friends, file size, transfer size, loading time, and various paint metrics are incredibly important). So of course I started with Sapper. Sapper is amazing, seriously straight up awesome. However, it does come with a sizeable flaw. It is not production ready. And yes, for an experimental site it does more than fine. But since I also use little side projects like this for learning,layout, and architecture, it absolutely needs to be production ready and very stable.

So, this site is now powered by NextJS. Next seems to take the clunk out of react while also allowing you to bolt on all the sloppier pieces you may already know, love, and use. So here we are, up and running. I can't wait to see what I build 😉